In a place filled with hard-working, energetic individuals, what more can one expect from a workplace other than Fan-Damn-Tastic?! 
“Work hard, play hard”, we always say!

Being a B-Surian is not for everyone, but if you’ve had the pleasure of being a B-Sure employee – you’re definitely one of the lucky ones. With a company culture that is second to none and an awesome leadership structure, the opportunities for growth are endless.

A B-Surian is able to stay dedicated to any goal that they’ve set out to achieve and not stopping until they have far exceeded even their own expectations. This might sound a bit daunting at first but rest assured, achieving one’s goals is part of a B-Surian’s DNA! A B-Surian is someone who understands the importance of smashing targets while in a pink tutu and bunny ears during Easter time, and has fun doing it.  

Part of a B-Surian’s genetic makeup is a humble attitude and always remembering that the B-Sure empire is the mean machine that it is today greatly because of other awesome B-Surians. B-Surians tirelessly work towards a common goal, which sometimes means making sure that everyone has a good time at the bar after a tough week at work ????. Going above and beyond is nothing taboo here, and hey, you learn tons when you go the extra mile.

ALWAYS REMEMBER the following and use it every day.

* FAILURE is only the beginning of becoming successful. 
* People can watch you, mock you, try to block you but they cannot stop you. 
* YOU WILL win, maybe not today but one day YOU will win.