We all have a hero that we look up to or aspire to be. Superhero Day was a great excuse to let our inner child out, have a bit of fun, and be someone else for the day. Our B-Surians went all out, and we had superheroes zooming around the office all day long! From full Batman costumes to a lifelike Spiderman, and even a few Superwomen, the list was endless!

Superheroes are thought of as the fictional characters who are sought to protect and uphold justice. However, a lot of us do not realise we have real-life superheroes around us every day. These are the individuals who give their all without any question. They may be the superheroes who are slightly less obvious, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their importance and impact has become extremely blaring! These are our nurses, doctors, caregivers, researchers, and all other medical professionals.

Superhero Day was made not only to celebrate our fictional favourites, but also to remind us that we have superheroes throughout our lives.

B-Sure to thank your Superhero!