The spookiest day of the year arrived and our B-Surians were READY! With the sun out and music loud, the vibe was set for all the B-Surians to get their spook on.

B-Sure decided to take a different approach to the traditional spooky attire and added a spin to support and raise awareness for breast cancer. Each department chose a character from any game, book, or film that incorporated the colour pink. From Mean Girls to Courage the Cowardly Dog, our B-Surians went all out. 

With it being such a hot day, the slushies went down a treat, accompanied by yummy snacks like sliders, pancakes, and popcorn. Bellies full, our B-Surians were ready to take on our carnival games. The competition was on to see who would win the most prizes.

The day was filled with spooktacular games that incorporated our breast cancer support movement. The games included bra pong, pumpkin putt-putt, a witch hat toss and many more!

As prizes were waiting to be won, tension ran high and excitement flooded the event. The participants were running from game to game eager to win something … anything in fact. Giggling and teasing each other, it was amazing to see the motivation one had for another to complete the games and trying to get their winning B-Surians to share their prizes.

Winners were given the choice of selecting a box from the trick or treat prize table, however, there was a twist, all boxes looked the same and the B-Surians had no clue what would be inside. The best part about this idea was some boxes were empty leaving the B-Surians wanting more and playing the games over and over to get the winning feeling back and the option to choose the next box.

Our best dressed winners were deserving of their prizes as they absolutely slayed the game, from outfit to makeup, they went all out!

Overall, the event was a huge success and our B-Surians managed to raise a total of R10300 which will be donated to The Cancer Association of South Africa.