Our B-Surians celebrated National Doughnut Day in style, with outfits inspired by delicious doughnuts, and as always, our staff managed to outdo themselves with their amazing creativity! This holiday happened to fall on our monthly Friday Braai-Days which worked out perfectly as it gave everyone an excuse to let loose a little and enjoy a rather warm winter’s day outside. On top of this, we were also able to host our newly implemented B-Surian Market Day where our entrepreneurial staff are able to promote and sell their products.

Thanks to the amazing Krispy Kreme South Africa, our staff were spoiled with some delicious doughnuts delivered right to our offices! Whether it was glazed, covered in chocolate, or even cookies and crème, there was a doughnut for everyone!

The day was such a hit that one of our departments were also able to come up with a special poem about the day!

“From the left to the right,

Everywhere in sight,

Anyone that you would see,

Was ready to take a bite.

When you went to approach them,

They would look at you and say,

‘Donut mess with my Donuts today’.”