The spookiest day of the year arrived and our B-Surians were READY! With the sun out and music loud, the vibe was set for all the B-Surians to get their spook on. B-Sure decided to take a different approach to the traditional spooky attire and added a spin to support and raise awareness for breast […]

Heritage Day

While enjoying the wonderful feast, our B-Surians partook in a variety of activities including “Learn the Art of Henna”, “Make your Own Bracelet”, “Paint your own facemask” and the awesome competition of trying to get the rugby ball through the hanging tyres.

Spring Day 2020

Spring Day happened to be slightly colder than anticipated this year, so we decided to postpone our planned lunch to the Friday instead! Nevertheless, to celebrate Spring Day as it should be celebrated, we held a “Sun’s out, Guns out” competition! All B-Surians dressed up for the occasion!

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The Big Band of B-Surians

Right from our humble beginnings in Springs to this very day, we here at B-Sure have prided ourselves on rigging the system so that you, our customers never draw the short straw. World class customer service and convenience are the cornerstones for everything we do… what is it that B-Sure does, you ask?

July Charity Drive Blog

July was the first month most B-Surians made their way back to the office. Having been extremely grateful to be in the position we were in, we thought that it would be vitally important to give back to those who were in less fortunate positions. We reached out to our B-Surians and in a time where it was needed most, they stepped up to the plate!

What does it take to be a B-Surian?

A B-Surian is able to stay dedicated to any goal that they’ve set out to achieve and not stopping until they have far exceeded even their own expectations. This might sound a bit daunting at first but rest assured, achieving one’s goals is part of a B-Surian’s DNA! A B-Surian is someone who understands the importance of smashing targets while in a pink tutu and bunny ears during Easter time, and has fun doing it.