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Evolve into the professional you were born to be

The world is full of opportunities, but only a handful of them will help you reach the greatness you have bottled inside of you.

We pride ourselves on investing in one another, in learning from one another, in bettering one another and in building memories with one another.

The average person spends most of their work week looking forward to the weekend. What a waste of a life! If you are serious about bettering yourself, bettering those around you and understand that it is only with hard work and perseverance that you find real value in the things you do, then apply today


Initiative and talent

Everything flows from our strong company culture of brilliance, self-improvement, unity, reliability and ethics. As a team, we’re reliable, resourceful and resilient – and as a business, we lead from the front with smart strategy, clear communication and bespoke solutions. Our confidence comes from knowing that the value we add is unique, and that each one of us brings individual skills to create an incredible whole.

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    Please note that by engaging with us, you consent to the below:

    1.The Applicant consents that the Company may collect, receive, record, organise, store, update and modify the Applicants personal information in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act.   

    2.Information collected during the recruitment phase will be used as far as required to assist and aid in successful placement of an Applicant within the Company.  

    3. The Applicant consents to his/her information being stored in the company database and shared with any appropriate/relevant person in any company within the group for recruitment or marketing purposes.   

    4.The Company hereby undertakes to process the personal information of the Applicant only in accordance with the conditions of lawful processing as set out in the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act.  

    5.Information shared on behalf of any third party is deemed to have been shared with the relevant consent of that third party.  


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